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The engine company. DEUTZ®


Service Block A:

Company advising/training

  • Safety inspections, analyses, concepts, planning / fire prevention
  • Safety training (training of professional fire brigade/ fire safety / works security / industrial safety personnel)
  • Provision of specialist personnel (data protection/hazardous substances/environmental management among other things.)
  • Quality management (preparation for certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 90 00ff.)

Service Block B:

Safety Services

  • Provision of safety personnel (environmental, fire brigade, works security, medical, industrial safety personnel)
  • Industrial medical centre
  • Special services (protection of VIPs, investigations, provision of aircraft with special operations crew and others/cooperation partners)

Service Block C:

Emergency call/service central office + warehouse centre

  • Emergency call switchboard services (switching on of hazard warning systems, control measures for disaster / environmental protection, databank of hazardous substances, call centre function)
  • Intervention services / alarm tracing
  • Switching-on, monitoring and control/ZLT, switchboard call-directing technology
  • Data security (filing of data media)

Service Block D:

Technology/Facility Management

  • Property /security management
  • Production of fire-safety technical appraisals for approval procedure in accordance with DIN 18 230 / industrial construction guidelines
  • Project planning, maintenance, repair of BMA/RWA/CO2/foam extinguishers, fire-extinguisher maintenance
  • Checkpoints/identification etc..

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